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 Guild Rules and Regulations.

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Guild Rules and Regulations. Empty
PostSubject: Guild Rules and Regulations.   Guild Rules and Regulations. EmptyFri Jun 15, 2012 11:02 pm

Fabulous prides its self on several aspects including

  • We are a safe and secure guild in which respect and community
    are prioritized. Members are encouraged to socialize both about Spiral
    Knights as well as their personal interests.
  • Even though the guild is not strict on language rules we DO NOT
    tolerate sexual harassment or discriminatory language. Our members come
    from a wide spectrum of race, age, and sex and we are very proud of
  • Apart from harassment/discriminatory language we also DO NOT
    tolerate those who beg in /g or in the Haven. It just looks bad and
    annoys other players.
  • Fabulous members are very encouraging and look for ways to consistantly help each other out.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to run the clockworks from
    0-28 and the shadowlairs when we please. PVP and runs to T3 Basil are a
    common occurance as are casual and quick runs to teach Vana who is the
  • We will never require members to do anything which they do not
    wish. This game is fun, and harassing players to do things against their
    will removes the fun.
  • Most importantly. You must be Fabulous to join this guild.

We don't take ourselves very seriously here in Fabulous, but we do
recognize that it is important to have some moderate rules and encourage
members to be active in their play and social actives. Those looking
for a casual gaming experience or a heavily active one will be able to
find their needs satisfied.

Fabulous respects that not all members are able to play all the
time, and may not be able to make all of the events we (hopefully) will
host. People have personal lives and interests which we understand come

Our guild will be taking a fairly hard line against beggars. Let me make
it clear we will not tolerate any sort of begging at all. Whispering
people in the guild asking for items without any sort of payment.
Bringing people on forcing them to "pay for your next floor." Also if
you are caught begging in the town by a fellow guild member you will be
banned from this guild. Members of all levels are asked to please come
forward with anyone who is harassing you via whisper or mail or elevator
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Guild Rules and Regulations.
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