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 Posting Sells and Buys for dummys!

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Posting Sells and Buys for dummys! Empty
PostSubject: Posting Sells and Buys for dummys!   Posting Sells and Buys for dummys! EmptySat Jun 16, 2012 6:31 pm

If you want to buy or sell something here's two simple templates for posting here in this section
Begging will not be tolerated here. Please try to be courteous and not rip off your own guild members.

Want to sell: (item(s) you want to sell)
Selling price: (price you wish to receive for item(s))

Want to buy: (item(s) you want to buy)
Buying price: (price you wish to pay for item(s))
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Posting Sells and Buys for dummys!
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